Accepting Payments Online
26 July 2017

When you start a new Internet business, you'll need to think about accepting payments pretty quickly. Once your store is in the air, customers may ...

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5 Podcasts Every eCommerce Entrepreneur Should Tune Into
15 July 2017

When looking for advice and inspiration on eCommerce and business in general, you shouldn't limit yourself to just blog posts. There is a lot of ...

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Your first Facebook advertisement
06 July 2017

When you think about Facebook advertising, you will have to know upfront why such a campaign can be useful for your online store. In this ...

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5 must do's for securing your online store
29 June 2017

Recent scandals, from the WannaCry and Petya ransomware to data breaches at big retailers as Target and Home Depot, have drawn the world's attention to ...

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The pros and cons of dropshipping
22 June 2017

If you are starting a new online business out of nothing, one of the things you have to think about is inventory. In 2017, you ...

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Three Vanity Metrics To Avoid
15 June 2017

Here at Zenmetrics, our goal is to provide online store owners with clear, actionable data. After all, the goal of tracking data is taking action ...

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